How to Eat Fudge

By Chance E. Gartneer

Probably the best, and easiest, way to eat fudge is to put it up to your mouth, take a reasonable bite, chew until the bite is swallowable, swallow the chewed bite and then repeat. If you want to get a little more creative with your fudge, you can alter both the flavor and the form for sweet treats that are more of an event than a snack.

Chocolate brownie drizzled with fudge
credit: Jupiterimages/ Images
Hot fudge on fudge is the fudge lover's ultimate fudging.

Sweet Synergy

Fudge doesn't have to be just fudge -- other treats may be mixed into your fudge for more exciting flavors. Many candylike ingredients, such as butterscotch chips and coated chocolates, may be mixed into the fudge before you bake it. Given fudge's softness, you can also mix things into the fudge after it comes out of the oven. Press peppermint bark into fudge for a little spice or crushed graham crackers and whipped marshmallow paste for a s'mores taste.

Candied Containers

Fudge's malleability means that you can stretch, pound and mold it into other shapes for some tasty dessert options. Stretch the edges of a piece of fudge upward to create a border, and then fill the fudge bowl with the makings for an ice cream sundae or your favorite pudding. Even leaving a large portion of the fudge uncut transforms multiple pieces into a plate. Always put your fudge plates and bowls onto a real plate to prevent unnecessary messes.

Sugary Hot Mess

Fudge comes in an extremely popular liquid form -- hot fudge. Hot fudge does well drizzled over piles of ice cream, along with a little whipped cream and some nuts. Other ways of enjoying hot fudge is to dip slices of strawberries, peaches and other fruit into it like an economical fondue. Pieces of cakes, cookies and pastries also make good hot fudge dippers. When you've nothing edible left to dip, you can always spoon the hot fudge directly into your mouth -- just take care that the spoon hasn't been sitting in it long enough to conduct extra heat to your tongue.

Palatable Pairings

You don't always have to go it alone with fudge; the chocolaty treat pairs well with a number of adult and not-so-adult beverages. For a naughty nightcap, pair a piece of fudge with a delicious port, a coffee cocktail, a glass of bubbly white wine or even a martini -- just skip the olive juice. For safer and saner beverages, serve the fudge with a hot cup of coffee or a carbonated beverage like cream soda or seltzer water.