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Jawbreakers also go by the name of Gobstoppers. These candies are extremely hard and created in the shape of a ball. They are mainly made in the United States and Canada and come in a few different sizes. Jawbreakers are so hard because they are made up of a multitude of layers. One Jawbreaker can take up to 19 days to make, depending on its size. That means the larger the Jawbreaker, the more days it will take you to eat it.

Decide which size Jawbreaker you want to eat. These candies are readily available in grocery and candy stores.

Place the Jawbreaker in your mouth and begin sucking on it. Don't bite down on it or you could do some damage to your teeth.

Suck on the Jawbreaker for as long as you can. You won't be able to finish it in one day unless it is really small.

Place the Jawbreaker in a plastic sandwich bag until you are ready to work on eating it again.

Take the Jawbreaker out of the plastic bag and begin sucking on it again. You may prefer to rinse it first under running water.

Finish the Jawbreaker off by biting it when it gets to be really small.


Don't leave your Jawbreaker uncovered. Flies and ants will be attracted to it.


After being heated in a microwave oven or standing out in the sunlight while still in the wrapper, Jawbreakers can explode when bitten.