How to Dye Hair Blonde and Black Underneath. Dying your hair blonde on top and black underneath is a modern and dramatic look. Called "minking" by professionals, this two-tone style has been popular with celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Shakira. You could also try using red on the bottom or a dark brown for more subtle results.

Go to a salon to have your hair dyed blonde if you want to go more than three shades lighter than your natural color. Have your hair double-processed, which strips out your natural pigment and replaces it with the new blonde color. Many people choose a very light white-blonde shade for the top.

Color your hair blonde at home with a do-it-yourself kit if you are a natural blonde and just want to lighten it a little. Wait until hair is rinsed and completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

Determine how high you want the black color to come. Choose a higher point to show more of the black for a more dramatic look or a lower point for a more subtle look.

Use a rattail comb to separate your hair horizontally at the point you've chosen, using either a straight line or a zig-zag line for interesting chunky layers of color. Leave the bottom part down.

Secure the top section of your hair up and out of the way with ponytail holders or hair clips. Protect the hair near your horizontal part with strips of plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

Dye the bottom part of your hair black using an at-home hair color kit. Enlist the help of a friend to reach the back of your head. Be careful not to get black dye on the top blonde section.

Wait the amount of time listed on the hair color package, and then rinse the black dye out. Keep your blonde hair pinned up until you have finished rinsing.


Wear gloves when applying hair dye at home. Follow package instructions, and test on an inconspicuous area first.


Don't try to bleach your own hair blonde if you naturally have darker hair. Doing it incorrectly can damage both your hair and your skin. Trust a professional.