How to Dry Fondant Faster

By LeafTV Editor

Fondant has become a popular addition to many cake makers' cupboards. This dough-like sugar confection provides flawless coverings and realistic decorations for cakes. Although keeping fondant from drying out too quickly is usually more of an issue than wanting it to dry quickly, getting your fondant to dry fast may be necessary if you need to make fondant decorations on short notice. Although you can add tylose powder to the fondant prior to making the decorations to help the fondant dry quickly, once the decorations are made there are limited options to help the fondant dry faster than normal.

Fondant is popular for creating drapes and flowers on cakes.

Step 1

Set your fondant creations on a tray and set the tray in the oven. Do not turn on the oven, as the heat may soften the fondant. Turn on the oven light to speed drying. Marcela Rodriguez of Sweet & Stylish Cakes recommends leaving the fondant in the oven overnight, checking on it in the morning and leaving it in longer if needed.

Step 2

Position the fondant pieces on foam. Use smooth-faced foam, and avoid any foam with a rough texture. The foam allows greater air circulation around the fondant than if they are placed on a solid surface such as a plate.

Step 3

Blow air over the fondant decorations using a desk fan. Use the lowest setting on the fan. Do not place very small or light pieces in front of the fan, however; Claire Otto of Sprinkles Custom Cakes warns that tiny fondant decorations could blow away.