By Richard Toole

Whiskey has long been a favorite of drinkers worldwide. Whether it is a cheap local spirit, or and expensive bourbon decades old, whiskey has enjoyed a popularity unrivaled by most other liquors. You can decide which method of drinking whiskey will benefit you the most. Bottoms up!

There are numerous ways to drink whiskey, each of which yields different flavors.

Step 1

Learn to drink shots. A 'shot' of whiskey is normally served in a small glass, usually containing 1 to 1 1/2 oz. of the liquor. Many people prefer taking shots of whiskey when they want to get good and drunk. Shots hit the bloodstream quickly, as all of the liquor is consumed in one gulp, and many people like the quick acting effects of taking shots. Shots are usually taken with cheaper whiskey, as expensive whiskey is usually supposed to be sipped or consumed much more slowly.

Step 2

Know more about drinking whiskey straight up and on the rocks. Whiskey that is served 'straight up' is simply a glass of whiskey with nothing else in it. No mixer, no ice, just the liquor itself. Some people prefer this way of drinking, especially with higher priced whiskeys, as it is said to allow the drinker to enjoy the flavor more, instead of just gulping it down. 'On the rocks' is whiskey served over ice cubes. Some people prefer the whiskey to be cold, and some like the melting ice to dilute the liquor slightly as they drink it.

Step 3

Try drinking whiskey with mixers. Mixing whiskey allows for a wide variety of flavors to combine with the liquor. Probably the most common mixed whiskey drink is the Jack and Coke, which is Jack Daniels whiskey, mixed with Coke. Colas are always popular mixers, as is whiskey sour mix--which gives the drink a tart and sweet flavor. There are literally hundreds of mixing options available, usually drinkers narrow them down to one or two favorites. Buying a drinking mixing guide is an excellent way to learn all of the drink options that are available to you.