Everyone wants to fill out their clothing, and nothing is worse than turning around and seeing a flattened butt staring back at you in the mirror. However, there is some hope for those who are less than blessed in the backside department. Follow some easy and effective steps to dress to camouflage a flat butt and fool everyone into believing that you are well padded on the backside.

First assess your shape accurately in front of a mirror. Take notice of the shape of your butt; ask yourself if it's extremely flat or simply longer and less protruding than other backsides you see.

Start with trying on different pants, since a good pair of pants can do wonders to accentuate the butt. Look for jeans with the pocket stitching that fit higher, toward the middle of the butt. This stitching, along with higher waisted fits, will help make your bottom stand out more.

Wear pants with a slight tapering at the knee or a straight leg. This cut makes the butt look a bit larger in comparison to the rest of the figure. Find your correct size to ensure that no excess fabric is hanging off on any pair of pants that you buy, especially on the seat of the pants.

Find dresses and skirts that are belted at the waist. The belt helps accent the butt by drawing more attention to the waist and tapering the eye is drawn to that area. Try dresses with light rouching or bunching in the back to help create the illusion of more flesh.

Search lingerie stores for butt enhancers that go inside your panties or pants to create the illusion of a larger butt. Carefully place the inserts into your clothing for an extra lift and plumping and to camouflage the flat part of the butt.


  • Stay clear of low rise jeans. This style can draw attention to the wrong areas of the figure and only maximize the flat appearance of the butt.

  • The bigger the pocket on the jeans, the larger the butt will appear.

  • Stretch material helps to contour the butt.