How to Dress Like Julia Roberts

By LeafTV Editor

How to Dress Like Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts is famous for her auburn hair, her bright smile and her unforced elegance. Many women admire her down to earth style, and you can replicate it by following a few fashion tips. You might not win an Oscar, but you'll look like a star.

Step 1

Stay simple. Roberts focuses on casual coolness and comfort. She knows how to wear jeans. Her casual look might feature a black tailored wool coat, dark denim blue jeans and a classic white shirt.

Step 2

Stow the extra hardware. Roberts favors classic styles without much embellishment or embroidery. She usually chooses classic pieces over trendy styles, in simple colors like black, white, red, brown, grey and blue. Even when she dresses up, her jewelry is simple. Choose one fabulous necklace, a pair of earrings or some other single dramatic accessory to enhance your outfit.

Step 3

Emphasize the classy. Roberts typically wore an off-season designer outfit to an American Cinematheque Award show However, she made sure the Diane von Furstenberg black dress was fit perfectly and made her look fabulous. Note the peep toe heels and the jeweled bracelet she wore with it.

Step 4

Remember Julia's movie styles. In "Pretty Woman," Julia is unforgettable in a long red formal dress and long white gloves. For "Ocean's Eleven", Julia does glam herself up, but note that her look is never overdone or gaudy. Julia's clothes never overshadow her, and she always wears classic outfits that don't distract from her gorgeous hair or megawatt smile.

Step 5

Mix it up when you least expect it. Although her style is fairly simple, Roberts never forgets to change things up when necessary. When you least expect it, she'll show up in a magazine photo feature in a vivid orange print skirt or a dramatic gold blouse.