How to Dress Like Jennifer Aniston

By LeafTV Editor

Jennifer Aniston is a celebrity whose style has stayed timeless over the years. First popping onto the scene in "Friends", Aniston sported looks on the popular show that cemented her status as the best dressed of the bunch. Aniston went on to create her own personal style as the years went on. Many of her outfits become instant classics and include the perfect balance of feminine edge while being comfortably casual.

Rachel Will Be There For You

You may be thinking that Rachel Green's old '90s outfits may not be on trend for today. Think again; it's time to get like Jen or at least, her character Rachel. Aniston's "Friends" character was known to always to be wearing the trendiest of outfits. With plaid making a huge comeback on runways and in hallways, don't be afraid to get your plaid on. You don't want to overwhelm your plaid. The plaid tends to be your statement piece, so keep the rest simple. Neutral tops will keep the attention on your plaid perfection. Pair your plaid skirt with a simple blouse, leather bomber or a chic cable-knit sweater to escape that prep school look. Plaid skirts can be somewhat of a difficult find but worth the search. Check out stores like Forever21 or H&M for current plaid trends and don't be afraid to visit your local thrift store for some unique ones.

Little Black Dress

Aniston is known for rocking a little black black dress, anytime and anywhere. There should already be an LBD sitting in every woman's closet but if you haven't found yours, no fear. Take some inspiration from Aniston. The perfect LBD should be able to work in the office and -- with a simple accessory change -- at night. Aniston's simple LBD look (pictured above) can easily work in the office, as well. How to find your perfect LBD? Get out there and get searching, find ones that speak to your style and keep you comfortable. Make sure that it's versatile and can be dressed up or down.

Keep It Casual

Some of Aniston's best outfits come from her streetwear. She loves jeans, layers and a tailored jacket. The simplicity of the outfit makes it easy for anyone to wear. These are pieces that can potentially already be sitting in you closet. You can pair a simple top, graphic tee or a tank of your choosing with a fitted pair of denim jeans. Dress it up with some nude pumps or do it Aniston-casual and throw on a pair of sneakers. Complete the look by throwing on a tailored jacket, adding the layer that takes the outfit to a new level.