How to Dress Like Hillary Clinton

By LeafTV Editor

Hillary Clinton is known for her intelligence and toughness, but no one would ever call her a fashion icon. She may not ever inspire the designers at Fashion Week, but aspiring young women can look to her as a guide on how to dress in the political arena. With just a few additions to your wardrobe, you too can capture her signature look.


Purchase several business suits. Hillary Clinton wears fitted pants suits more often than a suit with a skirt. Buy the suits in several solid colors, such as black, charcoal, beige and navy blue. Get the suits professionally tailored so you don't look sloppy. Wear a light pink or canary yellow suit every now and then to throw a bit of color into the mix.

Wear a silk blouse under your suit jacket. Choose a color like light pink or white under dark-colored suits and a black blouse under pastel-colored suits. Wear a color that suits your skin tone and brings out the color in your eyes. For instance, Hillary Clinton wears pastel colors that look good with her pale skin, as well as blue blouses to bring out her blue eyes.

Stick with professional designers when dressing up for formal events. As First Lady, Hillary Clinton chose gowns from designers like Donna Karan and Oscar de la Renta. While her fashion style has gotten a bit more conservative, she's still a woman who prefers designer clothing.

Get everything professionally tailored. Whenever you're in public, you should be wearing something professional and tailored. Hillary Clinton is never seen walking around in jeans and a t-shirt, and you should maintain that same style in all walks of life.

Wear conservative heels. Pick a color that matches your suit, such as black, navy blue and beige. Make sure the heel is low and sturdy. Carry a handbag that matches your outfit that is not too flashy. A briefcase of some kind would be even better than a purse.

Style your hair every time you're going to appear in public. It should match your and Hillary Clinton's tailored clothing. Hillary has has many different hairstyles over the course of her political career, but they are always simple and sleek. Choose a hair color that is conservative. Hillary would never get crazy highlights and neither should you if you want to emulate her style.