How to Dress for People in Their 50s

By Aksana Nikolai

If reaching the ages of 30 and 40 brings pressing questions like "What have I achieved?" 50 brings a whole new set of less philosophical, more immediate concerns. Upon reaching this milestone, many admit to feeling unattractive. The clothes you used to love suddenly begin to look funny on you. You feel more self-conscious about revealing flesh. If this is the case, don't despair. Being in your 50s and having style do not have to be mutually exclusive. There are steps that both men and women who are 50 or over can take to help them look and feel their best.

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Step 1

Avoid revealing too much cleavage by wearing a camisole underneath v-neck tops and wrap dresses. Hide a tummy by wearing empire-line tops. Consider investing in figure control underwear to mask a saggy bum or stomach flab.

Step 2

Avoid wearing extra-low-rise pants, or skirts that end six or more inches above the knee.

Step 3

Stay away from shapeless women's garments and opt instead for structured clothing characterized by sharp shoulder lines and a fitted waist.

Step 4

Use trendy garments and accessories in moderation. Balance them out with timeless pieces such as button-front shirts.

Step 5

Incorporate a diverse color palette into your wardrobe. While black is said to have a slimming effect, it can be ageing at the same time. Soft colors such as pastels are a good way to add a youthful touch to a dark outfit.

Step 6

Mens hould get as much as wear as possible out of suits, which are guaranteed to provide older men with a well-put-together look.

Step 7

Avoid men's tops that reveal the chest area and chest hair. Wear a plain t-shirt underneath v-neck tops. Do not open more than one button on button-front shirts.

Step 8

Stay away from men's shorts that end above the knee.