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Performing a spiritual cleansing on another person can be challenging and takes a great deal of focus and preparation. It is not meant to replace any kind of medical treatment, but it can be effective in maintaining both spiritual and physical health, if used regularly. If a close friend or loved one has come to you for a spiritual cleansing, gather your ingredients, find a neutral room to perform the cleansing and prepare yourself to bring clarity and health into another person's life.


Whatever room you choose to perform the cleansing, make sure to prepare it before your friend or loved one arrives. Clean the room by dusting and sweeping, and light the sage smudge stick. Once it is on fire, blow it out and allow the healing smoke to circulate through the air of the room. The smoke will help you to locate the positive vibrations in the room.

Meditate and take time to cleanse your own aura and align your chakras before you get started on the spiritual cleansing. Be seated, close your eyes and focus on positive energy, as it is essential to be positive when performing this cleanse.

Prepare your friend or loved one for the cleanse. Allow him/her to lay down on the mat, close his/her eyes and breathe slowly and deeply to feel relaxed and focused on the cleansing. Make sure the person is comfortable and relaxed, and tell him/her to focus on breathing slowly throughout the cleansing. It is also important not to speak during the cleansing.

Cleanse and fluff the person's aura with your hands. Hold both hands approximately 6 inches from your friend or loved one's body, and focus on the person's energy. Beginning at the head, work your hands through the air down to the feet, pulling out the negative energy with grabbing motions of your hands. Do not actually touch the body. Have your friend or loved one roll over, and perform the same actions again. Then, fluff up the aura through both sides of the body by making sweeping motions over the entire body without touching it.

Wipe any negative energy away from the body beginning at the head and moving to the feet. Focus on the removal of the negative energy, feel the person's aura and make wiping motions with your hands first on the front and then on the back of the body. This will rid the body of any excess negative energy that remains from the previous cleansing exercises.

Locate hot and cold spots on the body. Focus on the temperatures of the various parts of the body, beginning once again at the head and moving down to the feet. Any area that feels hot, try to project healing coolness through your hands onto the body. Stay focused on the transfer of this energy. Shake your hands to remove any negative energy from them, and the process is complete.


Focus your energy on all areas of wellness, such as emotional, physical, intellectual and social to make the cleansing more effective. Each of these areas in your life must be aligned for good health.

When the spiritual cleansing is done, it is recommended to recleanse the room and your own aura to make sure to remove any excess negative energy.

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