Do you want to rest your natural tresses without compromising your style? Or maybe you want to try a fierce new haircut or style but aren't ready to cut or color you real hair. Or maybe you suffering from hair loss and need something easy to manage. Whatever the reason a cap weave may be the easiest and most convenient option to satisfy your hair needs. In this article I will teach you how to do a ca weave yourself. Not only will you save money, but you will have learned a new skill and who knows, you may even be able to make money doing other peoples hair.

always start with freshly washed hair. Your hair will be in a weave so the hair care should start with your natural hair.

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Braid your natural hair. You can have it braided with added hair in a beehive (circular) design. This is most common when doing any full sewn in weave. The great thing about a cap weave is you don't have to use added hair. you can braid your natural hair if you like. The beehive is ideal if you are planning to sew the cap on.

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Once your hair is braided wrap you braided hair with either plastic seran wrap your you can use the paper air wraps. With plastic you will have to remove the cap after you are finished. With paper you can leave it. Both of these methods keeps the glue from seeping through the cap onto your real hair. You do not want that.

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After you have added the seran or paper wraps. Put a stocking cap over it onto your hair. Pull the stocking down at at least to your eyebrows.

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choose the brand color and texture of the hair you would like. Cap weaves are great with curly hair because the tracks are easy to conceal. If you are going to use straight hair, it is best you know how to close a full weave. In this article we are using straight hair.

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Now you are ready to start applying your hair. Now for a cap weave you can make it like a wig and take it off every night, or you can have it sewn on. Measure and Sew the track ( also known as the base) onto the cap and your hair starting from the nape. Do this all the way to the top. ( note only the first track needs to be sewn in. This keeps the cap in place) The rest will be glued in.

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I usually cut, measure and glue my tracks up until i get to the top of the head. Then I place them in a circular pattern. As you close in to the top of the head, the circle should get smaller and smaller. This is where you will make the closure piece.

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Closing The Weave

Cut a small piece of weave about 2 inches long. Roll it with your fingers as tight as you can. The track will be rolled up like a cinnamon bun when you look at it. Dip the track part only in a little bit if weave glue and pat it dry to seat the rolled track. ( it gets a little messy) allow it to dry then dip again. Some people like to just sew the track into a roll but this is the way I prefer to do it.

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The rolled track should perfectly in the leftover space at the top of the head. Make sure when you are gluing the tracks on the closure is right at the crown of your head. add a small amount of weave glue into the center area where the closure peice will go.

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Once glue is dry press and seperate the clousre piece hair down so that no track is showing. If done correctly you should not see any tracks.

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Cut and style you hair as desired. For this article I cut my hair into a slightly inverted bob with bangs

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  • Make sure the closure peice is directly at the crown of your head

  • Use curl hair for your first try. Its easier to blend the tracks and you don't really need a closure piece

  • Cut bangs if you want. It makes you hair look more natural

  • A completely sewn in cap can be washed

  • treat your weave as if it were your own hair.