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A sleep aid is a pill that an individual can take in order to get a good night sleep. Some times individuals have a hard time taking full pills, which makes dissolving the sleep aid the ideal way to ingest the medication. It is completely possible to crush and dissolve a sleep aid using household items, which allows you to prepare the medication without having to purchase any pill breaking tools.

Place a section of wax paper on a flat surface. The ideal piece is about 1 foot by 1 foot.

Place the sleep aid pill in the center of the wax paper and fold the edges around all sides.

Press a spoon down on the pill using your second hand as a weight to push down the spoon. The pill will break into little pieces.

Unfold the wax paper until it is folded only one time down the center.

Pick up the wax paper and dump the pill fragments into a glass of water. Use the wax paper as a slide tool to dump all fragments easily.

Stir the water rapidly using the metal spoon. Once no fragments are visible, the pill is completely dissolved and can be consumed by drinking the water.


If the sleep aid is in capsule form, pull apart the casing from both sides and dump the inner content into a glass of water.