How to Dip Cupcakes to Frost Them

By Kristin Jennifer

Making a cupcake can be simple but frosting one is a little tricky. The tops of the cakes can sometimes tear or crumble when frosted with a knife or a spatula. Dipping a cupcake is an easier method of getting the sweet stuff on top and it opens up frosting options. The cakes can be dipped into ganache, glaze, store-bought frosting and fondant. Melted frosting or fondant can also become a quick dip.




Step 1

Chop the semi-sweet morsels into fine bits on a cutting board.


Step 2

Pour the heavy cream into a saucepan. Bring the cream to a boil on the stove top.


Step 3

Remove the saucepan and set it on a trivet. Stir in the chopped chocolate morsels until they melt.



Step 4

Measure a cup of confectioner's sugar into a bowl.


Step 5

Add a few drops of lemon juice.


Step 6

Stir the mixture until it is smooth. Add additional drops of lemon juice if necessary.

Melt Frosting or Fondant


Step 7

Spoon the frosting or fondant into a microwave-safe bowl.


Step 8

Add 1 tsp of water.


Step 9

Melt the frosting or fondant in the microwave for 20 seconds. Stir it and add a few additional drops of water if the mixture is thick. Microwave for an additional few minutes as needed until the frosting or fondant runs off the spoon.


Step 10

Grip the bottom half of the cupcake.


Step 11

Turn the cupcake upside down. Lower the top into the "dip" for two seconds.


Step 12

Lift the cupcake out of the "dip" and set it right side up on wax paper. If the liner prevents the cupcake from being fully frosted, spoon the topping on the top to complete the frosting.