By Gail Logan

Placing pans that are not oven-safe into an oven can result not only in damage to the pans but to the oven. Even more importantly, exposing pans to high temperatures when they are not approved for such use is a fire hazard. For these reasons, it is essential to check your pans to see if they are oven-safe before using them.


Look at the bottom of the pan for a mark noting the pan is oven-safe.

Check the pan for any plastic, such as in the handle, that could melt when placed in an oven.

Identify the material the pan is made of. Glass, ceramic, aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel are all oven-safe materials. Enamel is oven safe but should not be heated beyond 350 degrees.

Check for a non-stick surface, such as a Teflon coating. These coatings can melt at high temperatures and a pan with this treatment should never be used in an oven.