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Explore the different ways to create a dreadlocks hair style. Numerous methods to create dreadlocks exist for any hair type including backcombing, braiding and twisting. The amount of hair you need for this style depends on the type of hair you have.

Grow your hair to at least 3 to 5 inches long. It all needs to be the same length in order to start dreadlocks. Remember, dreadlocks make your hair appear shorter than it is and they grow slowly. Create dreadlocks in uneven hair or only on part of your scalp if a mixed style looks good on you.

Read up on the care required before committing to an ultra-short dreadlocks hair style. Short dreadlocks require more maintenance to grow in properly.

Visit a hair care products retailer to find products for dreadlocks hair care. Expect to maintain your hair style for the first month using products especially made for this hair style. Short dreadlocks require long term care to maintain the style and ensure it grows in properly.

Consider wearing hair extensions or wigs while growing your hair to an optimum styling length. Get the dreadlocks-look immediately or add volume and length to an existing dreadlocks hair style with the extra hair.

Allow your hair to mature into the dreadlocks style. Your hair will grow as usual but the style gives the illusion that it grows more slowly. Dreadlocks appear tighter as they mature.

Let your hair grow as long as you like. Women and men look stylish in long dreads. Men should consider a change in hair style if entering a conservative profession. Dreadlocks of any length present a stylish but not a professional image.

Cut dreadlocks with caution, as trimming loosens ends of dreadlocks and makes the style unravel. Choose a longer style rather than try and keep a short dreadlocks style or you may be starting new dreads each time you cut your hair.