A room temperature or half-cold soda is not as refreshing as one that is ice-cold. If you stick your plastic bottle of soda in the freezer hoping to give it an instant chill, however, you might end up with a frozen soda by accident. You won't be able to drink the soda unless it starts to defrost and thawing a frozen soda can take some time, especially since the carbon dioxide contained in the soda causes the liquid's freezing temperature point to go down.

Hand of a man holding a cola glass with ices.

Remove the frozen soda from the freezer and set it onto the counter. If you put a frozen soda into the refrigerator, it will take longer to thaw than leaving it out at room temperature.

Heat a towel in the microwave or your clothes dryer.

Wrap the warm towel around the frozen soda bottle. The heat from the towel will transfer to the soda and help raise its temperature faster.

Do not shake the soda bottle when the drink is part liquid/part ice. While this activity can help break up the remaining chunks of slush inside the bottle, you will also stir up the beverage's carbonation, causing the soda to explode when you open it.

Avoid twisting the cap off of the frozen soda until it is thawed. Opening a frozen soda causes the freezing point of the liquids to drop due to the solutes - carbon dioxide and other additives - being released, meaning that it will take longer for the soda to defrost with an open cap.

Never freeze soda contained in glass or metal containers, as the process of freezing can cause the metal to break and glass to shatter.