How to Deep-Fry Frozen Foods

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Deep-frying is a quick, efficient method for cooking frozen foods, such as french fried potatoes, fish sticks and chicken nuggets. It ensures the inner parts of the food reach the appropriate temperatures and browns the outside to crispness. Additionally, it is fairly easy to deep-fry frozen foods and doesn't require much cooking experience. Since you are dealing with extremely hot oil, however, it is critical that you remain vigilant when deep-frying and it is recommended that you wear an apron and keep a splatter guard over the fryer while the food is cooking.

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How To Deep Fry Frozen Foods

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Pour cooking oil into your skillet or deep-fryer. Fill the skillet to about 3 inches deep and follow the manufacturer's guide for how much oil to use in your deep-fryer.

Heat the cooking oil to 350 or 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Your deep-fryer may have a temperature setting, but if it doesn't or you are using a skillet, a cooking thermometer can help you determine if the oil is hot enough.

Shake any excess ice from the frozen food. Alternatively, lay the food out on a paper towel and blot to get rid of ice.

Place the frozen food into the hot oil. The oil may bubble and pop out of the fryer, so use caution. Additionally, fry only moderate amounts of frozen food at a time. Too much cold can lower the temperature of the oil and foods won't cook properly.

Allow the food to deep-fry until thoroughly cooked. Usually the product manufacturer will provide cooking times for deep-frying on the package, but generally 2 to 3 minutes is sufficient for chicken nuggets, 4 to 5 minutes for fish sticks and 6 to 8 minutes for french fries.

Remove the cooked food from the oil to a plate covered with paper towels to absorb any excess oil and serve.