While many people prefer cream cheese icing over buttercream, decorators shy away from it because of the softness. The following recipe makes a stiffer version of the traditional cream cheese icing, and will be easy to decorate with. Happy Eating!!

Things You'll Need

First you want to set out your cream cheese, at room temperatur for a little while and let it get a little soft. It is best not to microwave your cheese.

Next you will want to put your shortening and extract in the bowl. I like to put the wet ingredients in first, it seems like the mixture blends better. Then add your sugar and mix on low speed.

Now cut your block of cream cheese into small cubes, add a few at a time to your bowl. Continue mixing.

Adding one tablespoon of water at a time, continue to mix and add water until desired consistency is reached. Please read the tips and warnings about reaching the proper consistency.


  • If you are planning on decorating a cake with designs that will stand up slightly, you will need a medium to stiff consistency. This means you will most likely only need 2 tablespoons and that the icing will hold a “peak”. After you turn off your beater lift it up, does the icing hold a peak?

  • If you are planning on using the icing to just cover a cake, then you will need a thinner consistency, if you can easily whip the icing with a spatula, your there.