How to Decorate Brownies

By Kathryn Walsh

Dense and chewy, a brownie makes a satisfying dessert, afternoon pick-me-up or midnight snack. Though these bites pack tons of flavor, they're not much to look at, and their richness can be overpowering. Solve both problems by finishing brownies with toppings that are visually pleasing and lightly sweet.

Brownies With Powdered Sugar with a Bowl of Eggs
credit: carolmellema/iStock/Getty Images
Brownies covered with a light layered of icing sugar.

Pipe on Frosting

Brownies topped with chocolate frosting appeal only to real chocolate lovers, and the brown-on-brown color scheme looks dull. Top brownies with peanut butter, vanilla, mint or caramel frosting instead. Use a butter knife to smear on a thick layer, or give your brownies the flair of bakery offerings using a piping bag. Buy one in a kitchen supply store or make your own by filling a plastic bag with frosting and cutting off a tiny bit of one of the bag's corners. Squeeze the bag as you move it over the brownies. Pipe on small dots, straight lines or swirls.

Add Toppers

Fresh fruit and sweet treats add even more texture and flavor to frosted brownies, or you can use them in place of frosting. Place dots of chocolate or vanilla frosting on brownies to hold whole raspberries or halved strawberries in place. Frosting can also be a base for shredded coconut, cookie crumbs, chopped peanut butter cups or toasted nuts. For a simpler finish, sprinkle butterscotch or peanut butter chips over warm brownies and spread the chips with a knife once they melt, or lay doilies or parchment paper stencils over brownies and dust powdered sugar over them. When you remove the paper, you'll see patterns of sugar.