How to Decorate a Ski Cake

By Kent Page McGroarty

Create a ski-themed cake for a professional skier, ski instructor or ski-enthusiast family member or friend. There are many possibilities for crafting such cakes, including rolling hills featuring a variety of fondant skiers, one or two plastic animal "skiers" sitting on a white slope or a tiered cake with a ski trail winding up and around the cake. Construct ski cakes for skier friends as well as additional sports-themed cakes such as baseball or football.

Create a ski cake that skier friends will talk about for weeks to come.

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Step 1

Frost the entire cake with white icing. While ski cakes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including basic round cakes, tiered cakes and cakes shaped to form various slopes, most all ski cakes have a white "snow" frosting base.

Step 2

Place small plastic or fondant spruce trees around the cake to form a "ski trail" over the cake. The size of the trail depends on the size of the cake. Make ski markers to indicate the trail out of fondant, or use pretzel sticks and fondant glued together with icing.

Step 3

Add additional embellishments as desired, such as skiers, ski lodges, animals and other greenery. Create such embellishments out of fondant or look for plastic ski-themed cake toppers to use, particularly for the "skier" pieces. Use pretzel sticks/rods to create ski lodges, and glue them together with buttercream frosting. Gingerbread is another option for ski lodges, and can be held together with buttercream frosting. Make greenery out of fondant and green frosting, though pretzel sticks may also be used as tree bark. Look for small plastic animal figurines, such as foxes and birds, in dollar and toy stores to place around the cake where desired.

Step 4

Use edible glitter as a final touch to give your cake an extra wintry feel.