How to Decorate a Birthday Cake for Men

By Contributing Writer

Decorating a man's birthday cake is quite different than decorating a cake for a woman or child. It can be somewhat tricky, especially since you want the cake to be pretty yet masculine at the same time. While how the cake looks is somewhat superficial, if you're decorating a cake for your father, husband, boyfriend, son or male friend, you want the cake to look appealing to the recipient and taste fabulous. When decorating a cake for a man's birthday, there are several things you can do to ensure he loves how his cake looks.

Here is a great example of a man's birthday cake using frosting décor, plastic décor and a good color scheme.

Step 1

Know the man.. Before decorating a birthday cake for a man (or anyone for that matter), it's important to think about what he likes and what is important to him. For example, does he enjoy sports, or is he more of an outdoorsy type? Also, what is his favorite color, or what color combinations does he like? The answers to these questions will help you create a color scheme and theme for his birthday cake.

Step 2

Decide what color frosting you want to use. Your options are white vanilla frosting, chocolate frosting or creating a colored frosting. To create a color, mix several drops of food coloring into white vanilla icing and mix it together. Good colors for a man's birthday cake are red, blue, green and yellow. Avoid pastels,such as light pink and light purple.

Step 3

Apply cake decor. These can range from plastic pieces to edible pieces. Before applying the decor to the cake, decide on where you want to place it, because once it has been applied it is difficult and messy to remove. Leave room for any writing or frosting decorations you are going to put on the cake. Take your time, and carefully apply the decor to the cake.

Step 4

Add the frosting decorations. Evaluate all of the colors and applicators you have. Keep in mind that the different applicators will produce different results. Start with the decor that is going around the outside of the cake. Many people like to create a pattern similar to that of crepe paper and place it around the cake. Choose the appropriate applicator, and apply it to the frosting tube. Test the applicator before you start to decorate the cake to make sure it is the right one. Carefully decorate the outside of the cake. If you'd like to outline the top of the cake with some color, choose the color and carefully do so. Now that the cake has been garnished with frosting decor, it's time to write the birthday message. Locate the color you wish to write with, along with the thinnest frosting applicator. Test the applicator to make sure it is correct, and carefully write the birthday message on the cake.

Step 5

Add the final touches. If you want to add sprinkles or colored sugar to the top of the cake, now is the time to do so. Carefully apply the topping. Remember to apply it in light layers. While you can add more, you can't take off any excess. Once that is finished, place the candles on top of the cake. Depending on the man or boy's age, you might choose to buy a candle with a number on it or apply individual candles.