Tulle is a fabric that is associated with dresses and ballet tutus. It has a waffle type pattern and can be found in just about any color. The texture can be anywhere from stiff and crispy to soft and floaty, depending on the fibers used to make it. Cutting this fabric can be done without a rotary cutter, but a steady hand is the most important part of working with this material.

Follow the Tulle

Lay the tulle out as flat as you can on top of your cutting surface. Smooth out all of the wrinkles. Place your metal yardstick directly next to where you need to cut your fabric.

Round the tip of the pencil point--if you use a sharp tip it will certainly break on the fibers of the tulle. Hold the ruler down with the hand you do not write with. Be certain your yardstick is aligned exactly straight. Using small, short gentle pencil strokes draw a line flush against your yardstick. Move the yardstick down if you need to continue along your fabric.

Lift your metal yardstick off of the tulle. Grab your scissors, but before you do please be certain they are good quality and are as sharp as they can possibly be. Cut down the line you just drew. Always keep your eye looking a little bit further than your hand. (Look in the direction you want your hand to go.) Continue all the way down to the end of the fabric.

Use a different method to cut your tulle if you have the type of tulle that feels like wire. Use a utility knife with a fresh, new blade. Do steps one and two. Move the yardstick back up to the top of the tulle where you will start cutting. Press the metal yardstick down so that it will not budge.Run the knife down the fabric keeping it along side and in direct contact with the edge of the yardstick.

Slide the yardstick down, but do not lift the knife off of the fabric. Press it down, and continue to cut until you reach the end of your fabric. Close your knife.


  • It's a bumpy ride for your pencil so you need to go slow. If you have a piece of black or dark tulle, use a white-colored pencil. If you need to use the utility knife, use a rubber mat for your cutting surface.