By Amara Mandeln

Caramel is a candy made from two basic ingredients: sugar and water. By heating these ingredients to a high temperature (usually 235 to 245 degrees Fahrenheit), the water and sugar molecules rearrange through two chemical processes called isomerization and polymerization, and form a sticky sweet substance. To cut through this homemade candy evenly and cleanly, chill the caramels first.

Use a chef's knife to cut your caramel evenly.

Step 1

Chill your caramel in the freezer for 20 minutes, or until slightly chilled to the touch.

Step 2

Cover your carving board with wax paper. Remove your chilled caramel from the pan and place it on top of the waxed paper.

Step 3

Run your knife under hot water until the blade is warm to the touch. Dry the knife with a clean kitchen towel. Spray your knife lightly with cooking spray. Do not use olive oil as this will drastically change the flavor of your candy.

Step 4

Score the top of your caramel before you cut. The desirable size is a 1-inch square.

Step 5

Cut your caramel along the scored lines with a sharp clean cut. Press the tip of your knife into the side of the caramel farthest from you and draw the knife to you swiftly and evenly.