How to Cut Holes in Jeans

By Todd Burton

When it comes to jeans, the trend continues to revolve around a distressed and destroyed look. While many people want holes in their jeans, some people are not willing to pay over $100 dollars for jeans. It is possible to take a cheaper, non-ripped pair of jeans and turn it into a pair that has holes just like a designer pair.

credit: RCalzada
How to Cut Holes in Jeans

The first thing to do when attempting to create holes in jeans is to put the jeans on. Take the pencil or washable marker (whichever you have) and mark out there areas that you would like to make the holes. Don't worry; once you wash the jeans, these marks (if any are left) will disappear.

The second step is simple: take off the jeans! It is important to make sure that you take the jeans off before trying to but holes in them. If you keep them on, you may cut yourself with the scissors or razor blade while trying to put holes in the jeans.

If you are looking to create holes that still have the white strings attached, this is the step for you. Using the razor blade, run the sharp edge with the grain of the jeans in the spots that you have chosen for holes. Repeat this until you have removed the blue part of the jeans and can see the white strands. Use the razor blade to cut out some of the strands to create the hole look.

If you are looking to create complete holes, you will also need the scissors. Using the razor blade, make an incision in the middle of the hole that you have marked out to be cut. Once you have made the slit in the jeans, use the scissors to cut out the entire hole.

For the finishing touch, use the edge of the scissors around the edges of every hole that you have created. Rub the blade around the edges to create a frayed look. This will add a more designer flair to the jeans that you have just put holes in.