How to Cut Hair With Clippers

By Kathryn Hatter

Using a hair clippers to cut hair is a very easy undertaking. The expense of purchasing a hair clippers will be quickly outweighed by the money you can save by cutting hair at home. With care and attention to detail, you can learn to cut hair with a clippers and produce results that are every bit as good as a hair cutting salon.

Hair Cut With Clippers

Step 1

Determine the desired length of the haircut. To achieve an average short cut , either a 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch attachment would be suitable. Connect the selected attachment to the clipper and place the cape or towel around the shoulders of your subject.

Step 2

Turn the clippers on and begin the hair cut at the base of the neck. Tilt the head forward and down and rest the attachment part of the clippers gently on the back of the neck at the hairline. Move the clippers up through the hair while maintaining a gently firm pressure on the clippers. Go back and run the clippers through the hair again along the same path to make sure that all the hair was trimmed.

Step 3

Continue passing the clippers firmly through the hair working around the bottom of the head, to the sides, and last do the top of the head. The clippers needs to be moved through the hair in the opposite direction of the way the hair grows. Run your fingers through the hair to make sure that all the loose hair falls away. This will help you to see any areas you may have missed. Finish with the clippers when all the hair is evenly trimmed.

Step 4

Trim around the ears with a sharp scissors. Neatly trim away stray hairs to outline the ears. Be sure to make the trimming even between both ears.

Step 5

Trim around the back of the neck with a sharp scissors. From the back of each ear, trim down the side edge of the back hairline with the scissors. Trim across the neckline with the scissors, taking care to make this cut even and straight.

Step 6

Clean up stray hairs on the neck beyond the hairline using the clippers without an attachment. This bare edge is very sharp, so this step must be done with extreme care.