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Rubies are beautiful, sparkling red gemstones that are part of the sapphire family. A well cut ruby is hard to find because natural rubies are rare. Additionally, jewelers will tend towards cutting the stone to maintain its size, which is not always a good cut to bring out the maximum shine and sparkle in the stone. A good cut can increase the value of the stone and bring out shine and sparkle that will not be found in a shallowly cut stone.

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Use a jeweler's loop to examine uncut rubies for any potential flaws that can create weakness in the stone. You need to be aware of the properties of your stone thoroughly before beginning to cut.

Sharpen your gem cutter. You need the machine to be as sharp as possible to maximize your cutting ability and shorten the time required for this task.

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Cut the ruby slowly and carefully using the sharpened gem cutting machine. Slow, methodical strokes are the key to not over-cutting your stone. Cut rubies carefully with a depth percentage of 65% to 80% to maintain depth, which adds to color and luster. A more shallow cut makes the ruby look washed out and pale in color and is slightly transparent. A quality cut provides a rich red color. Although a deep cut creates a smaller stone, the quality increases the value.

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