Cornish game hens are young, well-fed chickens. You can find these hens whole in the frozen meat section of your favorite grocery store, and 1 Cornish game hen will feed 1 or 2 people, depending on the meal. If you want to feed 2 people with a single Cornish game hen, you need to cut the hen in half. Follow these steps to cut a Cornish game hen.

Thaw the frozen Cornish game hen. You can do this by placing the Cornish game hen in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 days or by running cool water over the Cornish game hen.

Open the package containing the thawed Cornish game hen. Be sure to do this over a sink to catch any loose juices or liquids from the package.

Place the Cornish game hen, breast side up, on your cutting board.

Use a sharp knife to cut the Cornish game hen in half down the middle of the bird. This will give you 2 approximately equal halves; each of which can serve 1 person.

Cut along the backbone of the Cornish game hen with your sharp knife and remove it.

Select your favorite recipe and grill, bake, roast or cook your Cornish game hen in a slow cooker.


  • In the United States, you will often find rock Cornish game hens. Rock Cornish game hens are the cross between a rock hen and a Cornish game hen. Cut rock Cornish game hens in the same way that you would cut a Cornish game hen.

  • Use kitchen shears or poultry shears to cut the Cornish game hen.

  • Either discard the backbone of the Cornish game hen, or use it to make chicken stock.

  • Cornish game hens are usually 5-week-old chickens.