How to Cure Fungus by Eating

By Laurie Rappeport

Preventing and treating all sorts of fungi keeps doctors and pharmaceutical companies busy. While some fungi are actually beneficial to people's health, others attack the body and impede the normal functioning of the body's organs. Many medical practitioners have come to believe that conditions that were once thought to be caused by infections or viruses do, in fact, have their origins in a fungus. Nutritionists as well as alternative--and, increasingly, allopathic--practitioners suggest curing various forms of fungi by healthy eating habits.

Seasoned potatoes
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Avoid potatoes to reduce fungus.

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Step 1

Cut sugar from the diet. White sugar feeds fungus. Refined carbohydrates, grains, and alcohol turn into sugar in the body, and their use should also be cut down. This includes processed foods, sweet drinks, luncheon meats, and canned foods. Cutting out these foods can help cure fungus growth.

Step 2

To cure fungus, don't eat foods that contain high levels of carbohydrates, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Step 3

Eat slowly to cure fungus. Fast eating produces poorly digested food which fuels fungus growth.

Step 4

Eat raw honey as a fungus cure. Raw honey contains anti-fungal properties, including propolis.

Step 5

Eat yogurt to help cure fungus. Yogurt contains "good bacteria" which fights fungus growth, especially yeast fungus.

Step 6

Load up on anti-fungus herbs such as garlic and oregano vulgare (as opposed to oregano marjoram). These herbs can help cure fungus.

Step 7

Eat seaweed. Its iodine content cures fungus growth.

Step 8

Don't eat mushrooms. Eating mushrooms can promote fungus growth.

Step 9

Don't eat dried fruits. The sugar content in dried fruit can promote fungus growth.

Step 10

Make teas with berberine herbs such as goldenseal, oregon grape root, and Chinese goldthread. Berberine has anti-fungus properties and drinking berberine teas will cure fungus. These herbs can be purchased online or at a health food store.