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Bacterial vaginosis is caused by the PH balance being thrown off. As long as your system is not balanced this can continue to come back. Here's how to cure bacterial vaginosis the natural way.


See your doctor to make sure that vaginosis is all that needs to be treated before trying any remedies. If you are advised it is vaginosis, here are some things to do to get relief. Your symptoms will determine what the remedy needs to be. Natural Aloe Vera applied directly to the infected area will give fast relief from burning.


Remember vaginosis is a PH balance issue. This can mean something that you're using is throwing off your balance. Soaps, bubble bath, lotion or even perfume. It is a good idea while trying to treat the symptoms to eliminate anything with a fragrance.Plain organic yogurt can restore some order; this can be applied directly to the source. Taking zinc and vitamin B tablets can boost the immune system; this will assist your PH balance. Echinacea, garlic and chamomile all have one thing in common--they all have anti-fungal properties in them. Any one of these products will help restore your PH Balance.

Put the sweet tooth away and take up anything that will help keep the stress level down. High intakes of sugar and stress can trip up the PH balance.

Avoid sexual contact with anyone for at least 7 days. If you have more then one partner this can also be the cause because each person's PH balance is different; it is very important to keep your partner list short.

Limit or avoid alcohol while treating vaginosis.


If you have ever had an abortion, c-section, hysterectomy or IUD implanted, the chances of getting a pelvic infection are greater. Douching and tampons with scents are also reasons for infection, so choose your products wisely. Review your diet with your doctor.


If the symptoms persist then a prescription for metronidazole and clindamycin may need to be used. Should you have to take an oral medication please steer clear of alcohol for at least 7 days. Even any products over the counter such as Ny Quil should not be taken while using medication. After you get rid of vaginosis you may develop a yeast infection so be prepared.