Stiff neck is a common problem among people young and old. It is caused by sudden neck movements or jerks or by bad posture or sleeping position. You can get rid of stiff neck by following these guidelines. Rid Stiff neck

Seek immediate advice from a doctor for stiff neck, particularly when there is excruciating pain.

Place a hot water bag on the stiff neck once every hour until the stiffness lessens or disappears.

Apply a pain relief ointment. Get a prescription from the doctor, if necessary. Use the ointment on the affected area to warm it up. This will gradually facilitate easier movement.

Go in for chiropractic treatment on the advice of a doctor.

Get your neck and shoulder area massaged by your partner or by a qualified massage therapist.

Take painkillers as a short-term relief from neck pain. Make sure to ask your doctor about side effects.


  • Use a soft pillow and mattress while sleeping. Old and soiled pillows will not provide adequate support.

  • If you have to sit for long hours, it is advisable to take short walks every hour. It will increase the flexibility of neck muscles.

  • Follow the Alexander Technique to improve posture and deal with stress. Visit the link in the Resources section below.