Love flowers on your cake, but don’t want to mess with icing? Here is a quick alternative that is colorful and edible.

***Before choosing/using any flower/fauna for decorating purposes, you need to verify that it is safe to eat. I have provided links to sites that can help you with this.

Things You'll Need

Wash your flowers-Gently! Then using your paper towel pat them dry. Then spread them out on paper towels or newsprint.

Using your egg wash and food safe paint brush, gently spread a small amount of egg white over the petals of your flower.

Now you will want to sprinkle your sugar over the egg white. Gently, lift your flowers and shake off excess sugar. Now you will want to let them dry in a warm spot for about an hour. Assuming that you are using fresh flowers, they will only be good for a couple of days. If you are using dried or pressed flowers, you can then store them in a air tight container in a dark cabinet for a few months.


  • Remember that before choosing/using flowers/fauna you need to verify that it is safe to eat. Please see the links for more resources.

  • Granulated sugar is fine for most flowers/fruits, however you may find that a finer grain is better suited. If you can’t find a fine sugar, just run your granulated sugar thru the food processor for a few pulses. NOT TOO MUCH or you will have powdered sugar.

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