How to Create Apostolic Hairstyles

By Tricia Chaves

An apostolic hairstyle is one that's associated with the Pentecostal religion. Typically, orthodox women of the Pentecostal faith don't cut or even trim their hair, instead growing it as long as possible.

Video of the Day

There are many different looks created on a YouTube channel of sisters Abigail and Rachel Goss of Baytown, Texas. With a little practice, in less than 10 minutes, you can create this elaborate up-do for a special occasion, or use one of the resources for help in creating a more simple look.

Step 1

Separate a small section of the hair in the front of your head at your hairline (imagining where your bangs would be if you had them), and clip it to the side.

Step 2

Using your fingers, separate another section of your hair, creating a straight line across the back of your head, just above your ears. For now, clip it to the side.

Step 3

Create a ponytail using a hair elastic. Instead of pulling your hair completely through, just pull it through about four inches to create a loop, leaving the rest hanging down. Pull the loop up toward the crown of your head and use a small butterfly clip on each end to secure it.

Step 4

Make a knot with the hanging ponytail close to your head. Secure it with a bobby pin or two if necessary.

Step 5

Divide the hanging ponytail into three sections. One at a time, roll each section upward around your fingers creating three loops. Secure each with a small butterfly clip.

Step 6

Separate and fluff each loop you've created on your head carefully to hide the clips and create volume.

Step 7

Release the section of hair you reserved and clipped in the center of your head. Diagonally separate the hair into two sections. One at a time, tease the two sections using a rat-tail comb. Once teased, roll both sections together with your hand, toward the back of your head like a crown. Secure these at each side with a butterfly clip. Gently arrange to create symmetry and disguise the clips. Spray the hair lightly with hairspray.

Step 8

Coil the last reserved front section of hair around two fingers, toward the crown of your head. Secure it to the left side with a bobby pin or two. It will resemble a rosette flower.

Step 9

Spray your entire head lightly with hairspray to finish the look.