How to Create a Recipe Website

By LeafTV Editor

Creating a recipe website is an efficient way to share cooking information with friends, family members and anyone who surfs to your website. If you love cooking, this is a way that you can share your passion for the hobby and let others know about dishes that you enjoy preparing that they may never have heard of or have heard about but have no idea how to prepare. Creating a recipe website is a good way to meet others who are into cooking and to share your ideas and recipes with each other.

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How To Create A Recipe Website


Create a recipe website with the recipes that you enjoy most and would like to share with your family, friends and anyone who wishes to visit your website. When choosing your recipes, categorize them so they are easy to locate on your website. Some categories could include appetizers, entrees and desserts. You might also want to include a section on favorite family recipes, ones you enjoyed as a child and specific regional or international types of food you enjoy.

Take photographs of the completed dishes and possibly a few of the dishes as you are preparing them. This can make your website appear more appealing, as well as make it easier for your visitors to follow along with the recipes that you provide.

Include comments about each of the dishes. You might want to indicate the type of occasion that each recipe is best for. Also, if you indicate how many individuals the recipe will serve, you may want to provide tips or warnings about how much time will be involved in preparing the meal for larger groups.

Provide links on your recipe website to other websites you enjoy browsing when you look for recipes or cooking advice. Contact these other website owners and let them know you are linking to them. Some website owners might be willing to include a link to your website as well in exchange for your link to them. This is known as a "link back" or "reciprocal linking."

Create a guest book or provide a link so your guests can either send you comments about the recipes you have posted or ask you questions about the recipes. This can help you form groups for recipe sharing.


  • Adding information to each recipe, such as the suggested number of servings each recipe makes and nutritional information about the number of calories and grams of fat are included in each serving, can be very helpful to those wishing to have nutritional information about a dish before making it.