How to Cover a Tattooed Wedding Ring

By LeafTV Editor

Tattoos on the hand are some of the most conspicuous and often frowned-upon tattoos, yet they are also, unfortunately, some of the most difficult to cover. Whereas you can mask ink on other parts of your skin with tattoo covering makeup or theatrical makeup, these products simply rub away when exposed to the sort of wearing and sweat that happens to skin on hands. Instead, use a covering method that employs makeup designed to stand up to a bit more punishment.

Makeup products to even out skin tone and complexion
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How To Cover A Tattooed Wedding Ring

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Trace over the lines of the wedding ring design in red alcohol paint using a detail brush. Try to stay within the lines of ink and not spread the red onto other areas of your skin. The red will neutralize the inks in the ring tattoo (especially black inks) and make them simpler to color. Spread your fingers wide and hold your hand in mid-air while the paint dries, a process that only takes a few seconds.

Experiment with different ratios of beige, brown, yellow, red and white alcohol paint until you create a color mix that matches your skin tone fairly well.

Dab the skin-matching paint onto your hand using a the rectangular end of a makeup sponge. Again, spread your fingers to let it dry. If the tattoo is still visible after the first coat of paint, add a second coat.

Apply foundation makeup or theatrical grease paint that matches your skin over the alcohol paint. Blend the makeup at its edges with your fingertips to smooth the transition from makeup to natural skin tone.

Coat the makeup on your hand with translucent makeup powder using a makeup brush.


  • Alcohol paint will only come off with time and wearing or with the application of alcohol. Use rubbing alcohol to remove paint that gets into places where you don't want it.