Almond oil in glass bottle and almonds

Nut oils have become popular since their health benefits have been made known. Almond oil is often found in two different forms: refined and cold pressed. The type of almond oil you have on hand will determine the cooking method you can use. Follow the steps below to properly use your almond oil in order to get the most flavor and health benefits from this nut oil.

Examine your recipe. Look for the cooking method used and the type of oil or butter required. If your dish requires high heat such as baking or frying, you will want to choose refined almond oil.

Choose your almond oil based on the cooking method. Refined should be used for baked and fried dishes while cold pressed is best for cold applications. Refined almond oil is not as flavorful as cold pressed, but it is more stable at higher heats. This makes it a better choice for heating and in dishes where you do not want as much of an almond flavor. Cold pressed almond oil is very nutty, and the more of it you use, the more almond flavor your dish will have.

Replace 1/4 to 1/2 cup of the oil or butter in baked dishes with cold pressed almond oil. This will add a slightly nutty flavor to the dish, and it is best if the baked dish has complementary flavors. Generally, the more almond oil you replace for vegetable oil or butter, the greater the almond flavor in your finished product. You can use refined almond oil if you do not want your baked goods to taste as strongly of almonds but still want to replace the oil.

Replace all of the oil with cold pressed almond oil in cold applications such as a drizzle over a finished dish or for salad dressings. Almond oil used in this way as a finishing touch will be best over salads which include slivered almonds or over an almond crusted fish. Just as in baked dishes, the more almond oil used, the greater the nutty flavor.

Replace all of the oil or butter in high heat cooking methods such as frying, sauteing, and baking with refined almond oil.

Continue to prepare the dish as directed by your recipe with the almond oil substitute.