How to Cook Omelets in a Convection Oven

By Gail Marie

The traditional method of making an omelet--in a skillet--can be tricky to master. Instead, cook your omelets in your convection oven. Though it will take a bit longer than it would in the skillet, your omelet will be just as tasty. Think of it as a crust-less quiche. Follow the guidelines below for making a ham and cheese oven omelet, or find your own oven omelet recipe using the link provided and adjust the cooking temperature and time as suggested in Step 1.

Eggs dishes are easy to make

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Step 1

Preheat your convection oven to the desired temperature (about 325 degrees F). Remember that if you are following a recipe designed for a conventional oven, you must reduce the temperature by 25 degrees and the cooking time by roughly 25 percent in a convection oven.

Step 2

Whisk together eggs, milk, salt and pepper in a bowl; then stir in cheese and ham.

Step 3

Pour the mixture into an oven-proof skillet, cast-iron pan, glass pie dish, or casserole dish that has been greased lightly with butter or oil.

Step 4

Place the item in your convection oven, remove when cooked through (after roughly 30 minutes, depending on how many eggs are used), and enjoy!