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Kielbasa, also called Polish sausage, is a flavorful meat combination of both beef and pork. Every sausage producer creates their own unique kielbasa flavor but the basic two seasonings used in this processed meat are basil and marjoram. Prepare Polish sausage as a main meat entree or use it as a meaty ingredient in a stew, gumbo or pasta dish. There are many ways to cook kielbasa, and boiling, baking and grilling are just a few. Pan-frying the sausage is a good way to get a crispy sear on the rind and cooks the meat thoroughly.

Place the cast iron skillet on a low-medium heat. Pour 1 tsp. of oil in the pan, using a basting brush to coat the bottom and sides of the pan. If your pan is well seasoned, you may skip oiling the pan.

Open the kielbasa package and place the meat on the cutting board. Cut the kielbasa into 4-inch long pieces. Cut the sections lengthwise. Alternatively, you can cut the kielbasa into 1-inch round slices.

Arrange the kielbasa pieces in the pan. Don't overcrowd the pan; place four to six pieces in the pan at one time. You may have to cook large amounts of kielbasa in batches.

Turn the heat up to medium and cook the sausage for 3 minutes on each side. Place a lid on the skillet to control spatter.

Line the platter with paper towels. Remove the sausage and place it on the paper towels.

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