Frying Egg in a Cooking Pan in Domestic Kitchen

An iron skillet is one of the most versatile cookware products available for the modern chef. Not only is it capable of cooking on any gas or electric stove top, but it works in ovens and even over camp fires. Wherever you are, the metal skillet is going to work to cook your foods. When using the product, follow the same cooking instructions as with any other cookware, but take a few precautions to ensure your safety.

Place the cast iron skillet on the electric stove top burner, and turn the stove on. The skillet will heat just like any other pot or pan you use in your kitchen.

Apply butter or oil to the base of the skillet to prevent your food from sticking. Cast iron skillets do not have nonstick material applied to the surface area like other cooking equipment.

Cook food as usual in the cast iron skillet.

Grab the handle of the cast iron skillet with oven mitts. The handle is made out of cast iron, so it becomes extremely hot when using the skillet to cook.

Rinse off the skillet when finished, but don't completely wash away all of the butter and oil buildup on the bottom of the skillet. This keeps the flavor of your past meal and helps flavor your next meal. Many cooks avoid cleaning their skillets thoroughly for this reason. If you wish to clean the item, use dish soap and warm water.