Convection ovens circulate hot air around the food to cook foods such as frozen pizzas evenly. The hot, circulated air allows convection ovens to cook some foods faster than conventional radiant ovens. Convection ovens are ideal for baking cookies, pastries and roasting chicken and vegetables. Because convection ovens use hot air to cook foods instead of traditional thermal elements, using a pizza screen, pizza stone, or dull aluminum baking pan in a convection oven can enhance the browning and crisping of a frozen pizza crust.


Preheat the oven to a temperature 25 degrees lower than the time indicated on the pizza box. Some convection oven models automatically adjust the temperature for you. If the model you are using automatically reduces the temperature, input the temperature indicated on the frozen pizza box.

Use the low-fan setting on the convection oven, if available.

Place frozen pizza onto a pizza screen, stone or dull aluminum pizza pan.

Put the pizza into the oven once the oven has preheated.

Set a timer for the minimum recommended cook time outlined in the frozen pizza cooking instructions.

Check the pizza at the minimum recommended cook time. Remove the pizza, if done or cook for additional time, if desired.


  • Some frozen pizza brands include convection oven cooking instructions on the pizza box.

  • Experiment with your convection oven to achieve desired results.