We all hope that it doesn't happen but it seems that the American economy is headed toward a state of economic depression. If this happens it will be a life altering change for the majority of the nation. The American people will have to adjust their eating habits to accommodate their budget. Below are a few tips on cooking during a depression and depression recipes.

The first thing to remember is that in a time of economic depression supplies will be short. You will have to learn to adapt to cooking with what foods you have available. You will not be able to run to the grocery store and pick up an ingredient on impulse. Food will be expensive and scarce. During the former United States drepression era people depended on very basic grocery staples to survive. Foods that kept well without refrigeration and that could be stretched into several meals. Rice, dried beans, peas, potatoes, and such will become top ingredients in meal preparation.

You will need to learn to center your meals around vegetables as opposed to meat. For most American families meat is considered a main dish. During a time of depression meat could become a be a rarity. If you live on a farm and can raise your own meat that is wonderful but just in case meat is not available to you should learn to cook without it.

Keep in mind that store bought conveniences may not always be within reach. You may have to prepare your own snacks and breads instead of buying them at agrocery store. If you don't do so already you need to learn to bake your own bread. Where a loaf of bread now costs around $2.00 during a drepression the price could jump to $7 or $8. As well, pre packaged snacks may become so expensive that you just cant afford them.

Now you may be feeling overwhelmed as you wonder how you will ever learn to adapt to such changes. The best place to begin learning depression recipes and cooking tips is from an older person that has actually lived through extremely rough economic times. If you have a grandmother, aunt or other relative that can remember depression days, sit down and talk to them. They will be able to teach you many things as far as surviving a depression.

Another great tool for finding depression recipes is the Internet. Spend some time surfing the web. Type " Depression era recipes" into the search bar and see what you come up with. As you run across interesting low cost recipes write them down in a journal. With any luck perhaps the American economy will take and up turn and we will be able to avoid a full blown depression. If we are lucky enough to avoid such an event these recipes and tips will still be beneficial in your every day life. They will teach you to be less wasteful and thoughtful of savings.