Many roasted chickens in a row in culinary and tourism Festival in Mengen, Bolu, Turkey.
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Cooking a chicken on rotisserie requires a lot of preparation and ingredients. Rotisserie is actually an excellent method for preparing chicken, depending on how you like your chicken. Rotisserie is also a healthy method of preparing chicken because as the chicken cooks, the fat drains off it as opposed to having the chicken bake or fry in its own fat. Chicken cooks until medium brown with a crispy skin while in the rotisserie.

Clean the chicken thoroughly. If serving an entire chicken, a giblet packet may need to be removed from the chicken before preparation. Check the chicken to see if its kidneys have been removed. If they haven’t, remove them. Then rinse the chicken thoroughly inside and out. Trim away excess fat from the neck and tail area. Then dry the chicken using a paper towel.

Season the chicken. Usually, seasoning is a personal preference and there are no specific seasonings to use. After seasoning the chicken, sanitize the prep area. Use a fruit or vegetable to flavor the chicken. Sometimes, lemons are used. After flavoring the chicken with flavoring of your choice, place the chicken on the rotisserie spit.

Tie the legs of the chicken together to prevent the flavoring from coming out. Apply a mixture of flavoring under the skin of the chicken. Dry any extra moisture that may be on the outside of the chicken.

Slide the rotisserie spit rod in the chicken through the neck opening. Attach the rotisserie spit forks in the breast of the chicken. Tighten the wing nut to secure the forks that are on the spit rod. Attach the spit forks to the chicken’s tail end. Be sure that the forks are pushed in and are holding the chicken.

Soak some kitchen twine in water to help prevent the burning of the twine. Then put a piece of twine around the tail and across the legs of the chicken, securing the rod. Wrap the twine around the entire chicken including the breasts, wings, tail, legs and fatty parts. Check the chicken to see if it’s balanced.

Preheat the oven to about 250 degrees. Place the chicken inside the convection oven and let it cook for about 120 minutes. Normally, the convection oven has specific directions as far as time length for cooking specific meals. Two hours is the normal time for a 4 to 5 lb. chicken. Check the chicken often and keep the door to the convection oven open towards the end. Then take the chicken out and let cool.