How to Cook Asparagus on the Grill

By Ellen Douglas

When you've got a little extra room on the grill, consider elegant asparagus to go with your fish, chicken or steak. The quick, hot cooking method brings out the veggie's natural sugars. In addition, the long, spear-like shape of asparagus means that you won't have to skewer them or wrap them to keep them from falling through the grill.


Prepare your charcoal, wood or gas grill for cooking at medium-high heat.

Wash asparagus spears and pat them dry. If some of the spears have tough patches, peel these scaly bits away.

Place the asparagus in a mixing bowl and drizzle the pieces with a few spoonfuls of olive oil and generous dashes of salt and pepper.

Set the spears on the pre-heated grill. Leave enough space between each spear so that you have room to roll each one.

Cook the asparagus for 5 to 8 minutes, turning the asparagus frequently. Take them off the grill with tongs once the spears have reached the level of charring and tenderness you prefer. The latter can be determined by piercing a spear with a fork or by bending one.

Place the grilled asparagus on a serving platter and add any desired toppings. These might include butter or olive oil, grated cheese, fresh lemon juice or herbs.