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Cooking with a pressure cooker is a wonderful, time-saving method, resulting in fully cooked meals in minutes that taste like they have been slow-cooked all day. While pressure cookers have conventionally been used to prepare dishes that require longer cooking times, like stews, you can pretty much cook anything in a pressure cooker, including Polish sausages. Try cooking Polish sausages in a pressure cooker with onions, cabbage and seasonings for a tender and savory meal that is ready in just minutes.


Using a sharp knife, cut Polish sausages into 2-inch pieces. Melt a few tablespoons of butter or heat a few tablespoons of oil in a pressure cooker over medium heat. Add onion -- sliced or chopped -- and saute for a few minutes in the uncovered pressure cooker.

Add sliced Polish sausages and cook briefly on both sides, approximately 1 to 2 minutes.

Add cabbage, chicken or vegetable stock, desired seasonings and potatoes (optional). Stir well and secure lid. Increase heat to high; once pressure reaches high, reduce heat to medium to maintain pressure. Cook for 8 minutes.

Release pressure according to the directions in your owner's manual. Remove lid and serve.


Try pressure-cooking Polish sausages with beans and rice and experiment with different seasonings like garlic and herbs like thyme and ground fennel.

There are many different types of pressure cookers on the market. Familiarize yourself with your owner's manual before you begin cooking.


Never fill a pressure cooker more than two-thirds of the way with food, as steam needs space inside the pressure cooker to build up.

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