How to Convert Old Recipes for Electric Pressure Cooker

By Kittie McCoy

An electric pressure cooker can allow you to enjoy your favorite recipes in a fraction of the time. Pressure cookers trap steam created during cooking and allows it to build up inside the cooker and cause pressure. These appliances can be extremely convenient for busy families who would like to enjoy homemade foods but don't have time to prepare recipes using the oven or stovetop. Plan to experiment with your recipes a few times to perfect their preparation in a pressure cooker.


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Step 1

Reduce the liquid in the recipe by half. Stove top and conventional oven recipes use more liquid to accommodate for evaporation during cooking; this does not occur in a pressure cooker. If halving the liquid reduces it to less than 1/2 cup, add 1/2 cup of water to produce the steam necessary during pressure cooking.


Step 2

Eliminate the following foods from your pressure cooker recipes: cranberries, applesauce, pearl barley, cereals including oatmeal, split peas, pasta and rhubarb. These foods can foam during pressure cooking and could clog the cooker, causing damage. Cook these items separately if desired and add them to the meal after pressure cooking is complete.


Step 3

Reduce the cooking time to 1/3 of the cooking time in the original recipe. Start timing the recipe in the pressure cooker after it has reached 15 PSI or pounds per square inch. Your electric pressure cooker will probably have a LED display to indicate the level of pressure.