How to Compare Lancome to Mary Kay

By AlexandraH

Many women and men throughout the world use some kind of beauty products. These products are sold under many brands. Lancome and Mary Kay are two popular and well-liked brands.

Products Made

Lancome produces makeup, skin care products, fragrances, sun protection, body products and men's skin care products. Mary Kay products include makeup, men's and women's skin care, men's and women's fragrances, and sun and body care products.


For Mary Kay products, you can find and purchase them on the company's website (see Resources). You can also order Mary Kay products from a Mary Kay beauty consultant, whom you can find through the company's website. For Lancome products, visit the Lancome website (see Resources) where you can view and purchase both new and discontinued products; for discontinued products, the site shows a comparable new product. All products can also be purchased through the website as well as at department stores including Belk, Macy's, Bon-Ton and Boscov's.


Both companies offer comparable products at various price points. It may be important to you to compare the products and their prices before purchasing.

Both companies sell eye shadow. Mary Kay's mineral eye color costs $6.50; Lancome's eye shadow costs $16.50. They also both offer sunscreen. Mary Kay has SPF 30 Sunscreen for $14 and Lancome has Absolue Soliel SPF 30 for $38.

Both companies sell anti-aging moisturizers, Lancome's Genifique serum for $84 and Mary Kay's TimeWise for $22. Compare prices on the companies' websites for products in which you are interested.

Reviews and Recommendations

You can also ask family and friends for product recommendations. They may point you to a favorite product. The companies' blogs (see Resources) include reviews and more information on their products.