By Kathryn Hatter

As you work in the kitchen preparing foods and following recipes, you will invariably need to chop foods coarsely as you prepare them. When you coarsely chop foods, the finished pieces of food should be approximately 1/2-inch square; however, coarsely chopped foods are not perfectly uniform in appearance. When you coarse chop food, strive to produce chunks of food that are smaller than cubed foods and larger than minced foods.

Coarse chop a variety of foods in the kitchen.

Step 1

Wash and prepare the foods you will chop prior to chopping them. Place the foods onto the cutting board so they are in the center of the cutting board.

Step 2

Hold the chef's knife firmly in your dominant hand and position the knife over the foods you will chop.

Step 3

Place your other hand on the top of the knife blade approximately 2 inches back from the tip of the knife to help control the knife.

Step 4

Push the knife down through the food with your dominant hand on the knife handle to chop through the food.

Step 5

Lift the knife handle back up again, but keep your other hand firmly on the top of the knife blade so that the tip of the blade of the knife does not leave contact with the cutting board.

Step 6

Move the knife approximately 1/2-inch over along the food, and push the blade down through the food again to make another chop.

Step 7

Repeat steps 4 through 6 to chop through the food on the cutting board, making each slice approximately the same size.