The liver is an organ that has many jobs to perform in order to keep the body healthy. In addition to turning food into a form the body can absorb, the liver also acts as a storage house for some vitamins, minerals and sugars. Digestion is also aided when the liver makes bile, and cholesterol is made and eliminated by the liver as well. Another function of the liver is the regulation of chemical substances in the bloodstream. Because the liver is responsible for all this plus detoxification of the blood and protection from infections, the liver's health is very important. Because the liver is an organ we cannot live without, keep your liver in a healthy state. One way to do this is by cleansing the liver through foot reflexology. The following steps will show you how perform the process on someone's foot.

Put on the vinyl gloves for protection from foot diseases.

Apply a small amount of moisturizer to the bottom of the right foot.

Holding the right foot with both hands (eight fingers on top of the foot and thumbs on the sole of the foot), slide both thumbs across the heel, moving from right to left with the right thumb and from left to right with the left thumb.

Pull thumbs back to original position and slide thumbs across heel again this way many times, working your way to the top of the foot.

Start from the bottom of the heel again and work your way up the foot another time, sliding thumbs across the foot.

Push your left thumb gently into the foot, at about 2 inches down from the base of the second toe and hold for 7 seconds.

Using a flexing motion, press your left thumb into the section of the foot between the bottom of the ball of the foot and the middle of the foot (this is where the liver reflex is located), starting at the lateral edge of the foot. Press gently, then release and move your thumb 1 centimeter, working across the foot and to the right side of the foot, pressing and releasing your thumb every centimeter along the way.

Continue with this press, release and advance technique until the entire liver reflex is covered.

Rub the liver reflex gently with both thumbs for a few seconds.

Repeat steps 5 and 6.

Slowly remove hands from the foot.

Wipe foot down with a clean towel.


  • Always drink a few glasses of water (space them out during the course of the day) after a reflexology session to assist in the cleansing process.