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With regular use, a curling iron often develops a sticky, messy build-up of hair spray and styling gel. If you allow this mess to build up, it will eventually become unsightly on your curling iron and your curling iron may even become difficult to use because of the stickiness. You can clean the burnt-on mess from your curling iron by trying several different methods.

Unplug the curling iron and make sure it is completely cool.

Saturate a cleaning cloth with isopropyl alcohol and rub the entire curling iron barrel with the alcohol. Open the curling iron so the alcohol reaches beneath the clamp area also.

Scrub at the curling iron barrel with the toothbrush to loosen stubborn hairspray, if necessary.

Saturate a different cleaning cloth with water and use it to rub the curling iron barrel. Remove as much sticky residue as possible.

Make a paste of equal parts baking soda and water if sticky residue remains.

Spread the baking soda paste liberally over the barrel of the curling iron and allow it to sit on the surface for approximately 10 minutes.

Scrub at the curling iron barrel with a damp cleaning cloth after the baking soda paste sits on it for the required time to remove any remaining residues.

Rinse the cleaning cloth with water and remove all residual baking soda and sticky residues to finish cleaning the curling iron.

Prevent a messy build-up on your curling iron by wiping it down with a damp cleaning cloth every time you use it. Unplug the curling iron, allow it to cool completely and wipe it off completely.