Platinum-clad sterling silver jewelry allows you to have all the wonderful shine and durability of platinum without the high cost. In addition, platinum-clad sterling silver jewelry isn't easily tarnished or discolored and, as it ages, it develops a beautiful sheen. However, oils from your lotions, makeup and skin, along with hairspray and dirt, can dull its natural shine. You could take your jewelry to a professional for cleaning, but it is easy to do at home. The whole cleaning process should take no more than an hour, depending on how many pieces you have to clean. The ammonia-based cleaning mixture is for plain platinum-clad sterling silver jewelry or those pieces that contain diamonds only. The ammonia will harm any other stones. For other gemstones, you can use the detergent and water mixture, leaving out the ammonia.

In the container, combine the water and ammonia. Mix in the squirt of liquid detergent. Make sure the liquid soap dissolves completely in the solution.

Before placing diamond jewelry in the solution, check for any loose stones. If you find one, do not scrub that piece. You can still soak it and buff it, but pieces with loose stones should be taken to a jeweler for repair.

Place jewelry in the solution, being careful not to crowd the pieces. Crowding can lead to scratches.

Allow the pieces to soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

Gently, lift each piece out of the solution and lightly scrub with the jewelry brush. Rinse with clean water. If holding pieces under the tap, be sure the drain plug is in.

Place on a paper towel to dry. When the piece is dry, you can buff it gently with a soft cloth.